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Ohio's Black Hand Syndicate: The Birth of Organized Crime in America [non-fiction]

Following the release of our book on the Society of the Banana and Faithful Friends, we were contacted by members of the Amicon family as well as the Cira-Vicario family. The photo below is of the John Amicon family. John was the produce vendor who refused to be intimidated by the Black Hand-style extortion attempts. 

john amicon family.jpg

However, descendants of the Cira-Vicario family provided us with updates an several of their relatives who went to prison for their involvement in the Black Hand gang. We are happy to report that several of them returned to Bellefontaine, Ohio, following their release and went on to become upstanding members of the community.

tony vicario.jpg

Anthony "Tony" Vicario, the youngest, became a produce vendor, boilermaker, and union chairman for the New York Central Railroad.

charles vicario.jpg

Collogero "Charles" Vicario, a hat maker, opened a shoe repair shop as well as the Home Restaurant.

mary cira.jpg

Charles married Sam Cira's daughter, Mary Cira. 

richard vicario.jpg

Charles and Mary's son, Richard Vicario, not only expanded Vicario's Shoe Center, but was a police officer, operated the Holland Theatre, owned Vicario's Pizza, and was the long-serving mayor in Bellefontaine history.

Historic Black Settlements of Ohio [non-fiction]

For reasons of length, we were not able to publish all of the data we gathered in researching Ohio's pre-Civil War black settlements so we focused primarily on surnames. However, since we went to the trouble of jotting down many of the names, we have decided to list them below for the benefit of genealogists and amateur historians like ourselves. 


Selected Pioneering Families of Adams County

BANKS: Pleasant, William, Roxana. CAPTAIN: Polly, John H., Francis, Mary J. COLWELL: Henry, Sally, Amanda, Thomas, George, Oliver W., Greenly. COOK: Mariah, Nathaniel, Louisa, Margaret. HAND: James, Betsy, Sarah. LOGAN: Joseph, Jemima, Anderson, Sarah, Henderson, Sarah, James. LYONS: Eliza, William, James, George W., Joseph. MCPENNY: Lacey, Wilhelmine, Henry, Mary.  TEMPLETON: John Newton, Isaac, Catharine. TYRA (TYREE): John, Candy, Jane, Jane A. WATERS: Sally, Major, George, Rebecca S.

Original Settlers of Upper Camp, Eagle Township, Brown County

“GIST” (no surname given): “Mountain” Jim, George, Sylvia, Ben, Milley, Dolley, Cato, Fanny, Harry, Rose, Violet, Chloe, Betty, Mourning, Dick, Hezekiah, Meredith, Pompey. CLUFF: James. CUMBERLAND: Jacob, George, Richard (“Blind Dick”), “Old Dick,” Winston, Esther, Paul

DAVIS: Taylor, Jack, David. ELLIS: Glasgow (married Margaret DAVIS). FOX: Tom. GARRISON: Sol. GIST: James. HUDSON: Samuel (“Old Sam”), Solomon (married Sally TOLER). JOHNSON (JOHNSTON): Jacob, Gabriel (married Eliza Jane TURNER), Ephraim. LOCUST (LOCUS)

Joseph (married Patsy CUMBERLAND). MOSS (MOP): Sam. PARSONS: Jim. WILLIAMS. WOODSON: Franky. YORK: Gabriel

Original Settlers of Lower Camp, Scott Township, Brown County

“GIST” (no surnames provided): Old Ben, Old Lucky, Dolly, Little Daniel, Billey, Lucy, Nat, Patcy, Cato, Abraham, Aaron, Nelly, Rozetta, Nelson, Barnett, Aggy, Cain, Edmond, Caty, Strawberry, Bristor, Jack, Becky, Tom, Chener, Hezekiah (Heziah). ARMISTEAD: Betty, Anderson, Nelson. CLOUGH: Suckey (wife of Peter), Bob. GIST: Anthony. PUNCH: Peter. SMITH: Moses.

Selected Pioneering Families, Darke County

CLEMENS: James, Sophia, Charles W., William, Peter, John, Mehalah, Jackson, Wesley, Mary E., Arthur, Hester, Charles, Mary, Alfred, Lucinda, Janitte, Latin, Elizabeth, Lucy A. BASS: Reuben, Isaac, James, John, Richard, Tabitha, Mary, Kissiah. BURDEN: Monius, Eveline, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Isaac, Catherine, Thomas. PATTERSON: John H. ALEXANDER: Joseph, Julia A., Josephine, Miney. WILLIAMS:

John G., Sarah, William, Catherine, Sarah, Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary J. WADE: Stephen, Mary, Deborah, Benjamin, Elizabeth, William, Robert, Lewis. SHAFFER: Margaret, William R., M.H., Nancy, Mary Jane, Charlotte S., Delilah A., James C., William R.J, David W., James C. COOK: William, Margaret, Caldon P. OKEY (OCHEY): Emiline, John, Jane, General T.W., William H., Melealah, Jesse, Jackson, Mary A., E.P., Angeline. ROSS: Zebadee, Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah A., Wams D., Elbert S., Anny, Delilah F., Isaac, Mary, Jacob, Jackson, Lucella A., James F., James, Jane, Richard H. MCKENNEY: Moses, Lucinda. GREEN: Christin A., W.M., Pracilla, Elizabeth, Emeline, Noah, Gabriel, Sarah, Perry, Dorothy. CARPENTER: John, Absalon, Charles, Amos, Latin, Sophia, Lucinda. MORTON: Mary, Sarah, Mariah, William, Robert, Albert. GOOD: Trueman, Silas, Josiah, Gruny A., Charity A., Samuel, Rose A., Thomas, Nelson, Frances A., Clodry. MOSS: Johnson, Thomas, Hentz E., Joseph, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Benjamin. STOKES: July A., Janette, Henry, Lemuel, Mary N., Frances. LEWIS: Ira, Emeline, John, Alfred, George, David, William, Nathan, Rachel. SMITH: Mary, Wilson, Sarah, Zebedee, Emily A., William. MASON: Mary, Sidney, Charles, Alexander, Jane, Lucinda, Charles P., David R., Sidney A., John O., Margaret. SANDERS:

John, Noah, Samuel, David, Eliza.

Pioneering Settlers of Depp Settlement, Concord Township, Delaware County

WHITE/WHYTE: Samuel, Nelly, Marish E., George W., David T., Nancy J., Reuben F., Loeza, Amy W., Adelade V., Margaret R., Samuel J.C.A., Thomas A., Clarkson W., Oscar B., Jordan F. DEPP: Abraham, Chana, Evelin, Matilda, Aurelius, John S., Parthena, Susann, Lucy, Rachel, Hezekiah, Lucinda. ROUSE: Jacob. KEISER: James. KEMPTON: J. WALLACE: James, Mary Ann, Susanna, Thomas, Martha

MERITT: Jesse, Sarah, Frederick, Isaac

Original Little Africa Settlers, Orange Township, Delaware County

ALSTON: Viney, Anthony, Andrew, Wesley, Peggy, Judy, Adeline, Rhoda, Mary, Maggie, Peter, Sarah, Fields (Felix), John, Luch, Daniel, Andrew J., Sally (Sarah), David, Orin D., Benjamin, William Howard, Susannah. GAINS: Mary Alston. DICKSON: Agatha (Agness) Alston

AUSTIN: Mary Frances Alston. HARRIS: Priscella Alston. MCFIELD: Sophia J. Alston

Pioneering Families of Lambert Lands Settlement, Gallia County

LAMBERT: Aggie, Albert, Albin, Alice, Amy, Ben, Billy, Bob, Callahill (MINIS), Caroline, David, Francis, Frank [JONES], Isham [MILLER], James, Jordan [MILLER], Lewis, Lucinda, Martha, Mary Ann, Matilda, Milla, Milla, Nancy, Parthena, Peter, Randolph, Randolph Jr., Spotswood [JONES], and Watson. ANDERSON: Abraham, Martha, William C, Lydia, Harriet, Daniel, William, Israel, Charles, Thomas, Malinda, Lucy A, Susanah, Caleb D. BURK (BURKS): James, Alcy, Martha, Peter, Lucinda, Lucy, George. COTNEY: Eliza. ELLISON (ELISON): Jesse, Mary, William P., Sarah A, Catharine, Elizabeth, Elisha, Elijah, Martha EVANS (EVENS): Juda, James, Walter, Antanet, George GAINS: Henry. HAMMOND: Richard, Nancy, James. HOWELL: Malone, Isaac, Elizabeth, Lucy I, Penelope, Thomas, Emily, Metirer, Garland, Howell, Martha, Francis, Nancy, William, Harriet, John. JAMES: Caleb, William, Albert, Bennett, Franklin, Sarah

JONES: David, Rachael, Albin, Mary A, Spot, Francis, Hawkins, Amanda, Caroline, Edward. JONSON: Jonathan, Sarah J, Edward

LAMBERT: Ama. LEFTWICH: MABERRY: Martha, Lucy A. MILLER: John, Mary, Paul, Sarah, Allmagraw, Jordan, Elizabeth. MINNES (MINIS);

Calahill. MOSLEY: Wiatt, Pamely. RANDALL: Thomas, Caroline, Nancy. RANDOLPH: REED: Ama. SALE: Benjamin. SCRUGGS:

Albert. STEPHENS: William, Susanah, James, Thomas, John. WINGFIELD:

Moncure Colony Settlers, Greene County

BERK: John. Elizabeth, Elizabeth S., William, Emma, Thornton. BRAY: William, Susan. DUNNAHO: Hannah, Cuffee. GRIMS: Benjamin, Hannah. GWINN: Eliza, Dunmore, Alfred, George, Jacob, Isabell, Nellie, Evaline. HEROD: Richard, Elizabeth. HOLMES: James, Luthenia

HUMSTEAD/HEMPSTEAD: Maria, Churchill, John, Peter. MORGAN: Charles, Julia Gwinn, Mary. PARKER: Alice, Clarissie, James, Adelaide, Anna, David. TAYLOR: Churchwill, Maria, May, Maria (daughter), Lucy, Susan, Willard, Richard, Moncure. WORMSLEY: Maria, Francis and two children

Original Settlers of Fairfield (now Penn) Township, Highland County

BROOKS: Lucy. BUFORD: Parmelia. CAREY: Elizabeth, John, Nancy. DAY: Hester. ESSEX: Henrietta. GOOD: Rosanna, Mary J, Lucy.

HAILSTOCK: Alexander. LAWRENCE: Bartley. ROLLINS: LAWSON: T.T., Ann Eliza, C.C. MITCHELL: Joel. ROLLINS: John, Ann, Rebecca, Peter, David. TURNER: Henry, Hannibal.

1850 - Pioneering Settlers, Payne’s Crossing, Ward Township, Hocking County

ATKINSON: Mary. BROWN: John H. BUSH: Horace, Eliza FLOWERS, William W. COOK: Henry, Henny, George, Thomas, Mary

CURRY: Adesan, Elizabeth, Mary E, Allison, Meaus. DIXON: Alfred, Parthene, Harrison, Eveline, Elizabeth, Nelson, Sarah, Eliza

EYE: James, Ann M, Orin, Benjamin, George. FLOWERS: Elbridge, Nancy A, Isaac, Harriet, Nancy. GREEN: Samuel, Elizabeth, James, Robert, Daniel, Henry, Gabriel. GRIFTY: James. GROSS: Rebecca J, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary A, Lewis A, Margaret E. HARDIN (HARDEN): John, Malinda, Charles, Hester, Lucinda, Solomon, Asa, Houison, Mary, HARPER: Joseph, Samuel W, William A, Jesse D.D.

HARRIS: Thomas, Sarah, Rebecca, Edward, Thomas, Elmiry, Ezekiel, Lydia, Amos. JONES: William, James. LETT (LITT): Charles. Samuel, Hitta. MABRY: Anthony, Louisa, Biddy Ann, Thomas, Lewis, Patsy. MATTHEWS: Luke, Hannah, Henrietta. MOGAN: Edgar T. MORGAN

Mary. NORMAN: Mary A, George, Grandison, Michael, William, Horace, Eliza J, Elizabeth A. PERRY: Ralph, Anna W, Elingea

STEPHENS: William, Stephen, Lulia, Isaac, Michael, Elizabeth, Aquilla. STEVENS: Abraham. TURNER: George H. VANCAMP: Hester, Enes, Richard D. WORRICK: Elizabeth, James, Abram, Harriet, George. BETTS: STRIBLEN: HANCE: PAYNE.

Pioneering Settlers, Payne’s Crossing, Salt Lick Township, Perry County

LETT: Matilda, Joshua, John, Adaline, Kizziah. WOODRUFF: Joseph, Susan, William H, John E, Lois A, Mary A, Henry. POINTER: Daniel, Mille J, Aaron

1840 - Pioneering Settlers, Payne’s Crossing, Green Township, Hocking County

NORMAN: Grandison, Jesse. STEVENS: Frederick, Michael. WORRICK: Elizabeth. LETT: Elijah

Pioneering Settlers, Payne’s Crossing, Salt Lick Township, Perry County

JONES: James. LETT: Mary, Kizziah

Berlin Cross Roads, Milton Township, Jackson County

BEACH: Jesse. CASSELL: Williams. Joseph, July Ann, Albert W., Rebecca R., Charles, Williams, Racheal, John Y., William F., James A., Malinda, Edward, Hiram, Granderson, Henry M. COSSELL: Lucy. DYER: Thomas. Frances, Alfred J., Thomas E., Eliza, John, Martha, Elizabeth, Rachael, Amanda, Rocheal. FREEMAN: Moses. GANCY: Clabourn, Williams. GOODING: Melson. GOODWIN: Tabitah, July Ann. HAWKS/HAWK: Martha, Nancy, Booker, Rachael, Richard, Martha, Solomon. KING: Chrestorphen, Rebecca, William J., James H.

MCFARELAND: Bassel, Mary, Joseph, Melinda, Frances, Nancy Ann, James, Jane, David. MCGHEE: William. NICKS: Noah. 

NOOKS/NOOKES/NICKS: Noah. Noah, Martha Ann, John R., George W., Racheal, Martha Ann, Noah, Mary, Henry C., Clifford T., Catharine D., Sarah J., Louisa. POINDEXTER/ PRINDEXTER: Charles, Anthony, Robert R., Edith. QUALLS: William, William, Racheal, Mariah, James, Ludinda, Charles, Jane, John, Mazva, Arthur, Lucy, Edith Ann, James H., Sarah J., Racheal L. SHOPPERA: Edey. STEWART: James W, Thomas W. James W., Sarah, John T., Frances, James e., Sarah E., Alvin T., Eliza C., Lavina, Martha M., Thomas N., Rebecca, Christopher C., Caroline F., James B., Thomas J.N., Richard M., Catherine C. THOMPSON: Stephen, Louisa, Lucy Ann, Elizabeth, Mary J., William J., Martha M., Harriet P., Caroline, William H. WILSON: Mary Jane, Mary Ann, William J. WOODSON: George, Thomas, Thomas C. Thomas, Jemima, Hannah, Sarah J., Williams, Janet E., Benjamin T., Charlotte, Junius, George, Anna, Edward, Mary, Jemima, John, James, Elizabeth, Emmy J. YANCEY: William, Melissa, Suey Ann

Original Ragland Slaves, Jackson County

RAGLAND: Mary Ann, Charles (Harry's son), Philip Ealoe, Charles, Patrick, Harry, Agnes, Sam, Tom (Mary’s son), Mary, Sylvia, Esther, Harry, David, Joseph, Davy, Judy, Winston, Ned, Ailey, Bill, Jacob, Ben, Nelly, Betty, Weston, Wheeler, Bob (Henny's son), Henny (Ann's son), John, Jim, George, Betsy, Patsy, Mary, Fanny, Susan, Reuben, Mamie (or Marie?), Emily, Ann, Sally Overton, Margaret, Frank, Harry (Mary's son), Peter, Fleming, Henny, Frances, Winny, Cambridge, F(anaher?), Frank (Alec)

Ragland Beneficiaries

RAGLAND: Sylvia, Joseph, Susan, Ann, Winston, Frank, Weston, John, Jacob, Mary, Henrietta, Emily, Silvia, Jr., Nathaniel, John, Catharine, George, Polly, Thomas, Margaret, Nathan, Charles, Mary Ann, Sally O., William J., Alberta, Monning, Andrew, Frances, Alexander, Elizabeth T., Henry, Agnes, Littleton R., Patrick, Eliza, William, James, Rhoda, Madison, Betsey, Winney, Harry, Robert, Dabney H.

POINDEXTER: Willie Ann, Abraham, Samuel B.

Ragland Plaintiffs

JACKSON: Berry U., Ellen (wife). ARTES: Aaaron, Elizabeth (wife). RAGLAND: Henry. BARNES: Henry, Fanah (wife). SMITH: Mindora (a minor), Thomas L. (on behalf of Mindora and himself)

Pioneers of McIntyre Colored Settlement, Jefferson County

ADKINS (ATKINS): Martha, Christian, William, Robert, Benjamin. BENFORD/(BENTFORD/BEAUFORT): Nathaniel, Silvia, Martha, Susan, Rebecca, Alec, Evans, Catherine, Sarah, Rhoda, Robert, William, Crawford, Ann. CARTER: Elizabeth, Levi, Alice, Nathaniel, James, Mildred, George W, Page, Abrie, Lucy, Keziah, Joseph, Isabell, William H, Nancy A. CHRISTIAN  (CHRISTON): Fielding, Martha, Sarah, Annuel, Collier, Eliza, John, Mary F. COOPER: David, Ann, Lydia A, Hannah, Mary F, Robert, Adeline. DIXON: Pauline, Irena, Henrietta

FREEMAN: Alexander. MESSENBURG (MASSENBURGH): Benjamin, Irena, Robert. NEWLIN: Minerva. SMITH: Robert, Delcy, Allen, Mitford, Edith, Mary E, Joseph, Anna, Keziah, Patrick, John, Mary, Thomas, Eliza, Sarah, Newman. TONEY (TONER): William, Samaria, Thomas, Henry W, Irena. WASHINGTON: Fitzhugh, Elizabeth, Harriet

1850 - Pioneering Settlers of Washington Township, Lawrence County

BAKER: F., Mary, Rhoda, John, Tom, Tim. CALAWAY: Aaron. BEVERLY: Nancy, Harrod, Samuel, Ruth, Emely, James, Reuben, Mary, Sarah

BROWN: D., Margaret, Sami, John, Julia, Stenars, Rhoda, Amanda, Mary, Ellen, Eliza, Marion, Lucinda. CHAVOUS: William, Frances, James. DAVIS: Amanda, Henry, James, Martha, John, Mary, Hanna, Aron, Stephen, Moses. HARRIS: Cornelius, Nancy, Lewis, Pathena, Sarah, Cornelin, Adam. HOWARD: Edward, Hester. MARSH: Lewis. RICKMAN: Soloman, Elix, Levina, Lucinda, Amanda, Sarah., Elisha

1847 - Original Twyman Slaves, Lawrence County

“SLAVE”: (stayed in Virginia) Joe, Jenny, Amanda, Frances. DIKES: Mildred, Caroline. FRY: Charlotte (wife of Thomas), Thomas Walker, Luther

JAMES: Lawrence, Albert. SMITH: Nancy. THOMAS: Charles. TOMS/THORNS: John, Lucy, Henry, Ellen, Priscilla, Daniel, Maria, Sarah Marie, Sarah, Edmund, Elizabeth, Jane, Rebecca. TWYMAN: Winna “Winney”, Nancy, Noah, Simon, Violet (wife of Simon), Ambrose, Abraham, Horace. (UNKNOWN): Barbara, Alexander (son of Beck). WILSON: Susan

1870 – The Emancipated Slaves of James Twyman, Lawrence County

BROWN: Sarah (nee TOMS), Richard. BUVENDER: Maria, Squire. DIKES: Mildred, Caroline. FRY: Thomas Walker, Charlotte. GAUNT:

Barbara, Moses. JACKSON: Jane (nee TOMS), William. JAMES: Albert, Lawrence. KILLGORE: Rebecca “Beck” (nee TOMS), John. KING:

Elizabeth (nee TOMS), Daniel. SHELTON: Ellen (nee TOMS), Edmund. SMITH: Nancy, William. THOMAS: Charles. TOMS: Maria, Lucy, Daniel, Edmund, Priscilla “Persilla”, Henry

Emancipated Slaves of Peter C. Holton, Upper Township, Lawrence County

BLACK: Charlotta, Payton, Ann, Martha, Paten. GIBSON: Emma, William, Susan, Florence, Peter. HARRIS: Nathaniel. HETT: Clayborne, Adeline, Creighton, Juliett. HOLT: Ann, Guilford, July Ann, Everette, Fennice Venia, Laura, Albert, Mary, Squire, James. HOUSEN: Alice, Velina, William, Isabel. RAGER: Ann. VINOV: Sarah

Pioneering Settlers of Warwick Colony, Stokes Township, Logan County

FIRST FAMILY = WARNICK/ WARWICK: Frederick, Lucy, Frederick Jr., Richard, Reuben, Martha, Robert, Polly, Royal, infant son

SECOND FAMILY: Nicey, Lindsey, George, Anthony, Edmund, Frances, Moses, Nicholas. THIRD FAMILY: Janes, Patrick [hired out], Sylla, Alexander. FOURTH FAMILY = BANKS: Caleb, Fayette, Dingo, Banks. FIFTH FAMILY: John, Kitty, Peter, Charles, Jerry, Amanda

SIXTH FAMILY: Harry, Louisa, Jane, Horace, Westley, Elvira. SEVENTH FAMILY: Ben, Mariah, Jim, Thomas, Eady, Jesse, Booker, Shederick, Rowetta. EIGHTH FAMILY: Leah, Mary, Pleasant [hired out], Bob, Lewis, Willis, Marshall, Henry, Marcellus, Alexander. NINTH FAMILY: Wilson, Harriet, Mary Elizabeth. TENTH FAMILY: Emmy, Ben, Simeon. ELEVENTH FAMILY = HAMPTON: Lot, Clara, Bil-Buck, Randal. INDIVIDUALS: Cajah, Jacob, Nathan, Charles [hired out], Lewis, Sam, Jerry, Emma [age 4, absent at Charles W. Christian’s in Lynchburg]

Original Newlin Family Members, Logan County

NEWLIN: Alfred, Peter, Edward (Ned), Anderson, John (Jack), Calvin, Franklin (Frank), David O., John W., Aley (Ala), Warley (Werley), Willis, Ellen, Tabitha, Arlena, Delphina (Defa), Letha, Ann, Rella (Rilla), Mahala, Nancy, Keziah (Kissy), Sally, Daniel, Matilda, Martha A., Chaplin (Chap), Mary (Polly), King, Sally, Keziah, Rahama (Jarmy). NICHOLS: James (Jim), BURNETT: Burchey, Samuel (Sam), Eliza, Milton, Alson. CARTER: Malinda, Edward, Mouror (Munnr), William (Bill), Jesse

Flat Woods Settlement, Bokescreek, Logan County

NEWSOM: Elizabeth, James H. TEIG: Peter, Jane, Henry, Janes, Cresy

Original Mendenhall Families, Monroe Township, Logan County

MENDENHALL I: Willie (or Willis), Sarah, Bailey, Catherine (“Katey”), Richmond, Sally, Martin, Clarkson, Henrietta, Nancy Louisa, Huldah, Nebo Gaunt, Columbus. MENDENHALL II: Dolly, Adeline, Regina, Margaret, Phebe Ann, Madison. MENDENHALL III: Mahala, Caroline, Susan, Miranda, Mary, Janette, Missouri, Edmund, Walter

Pioneering Virginia Settlers of Logan County

ARTIS: Henry, Robert, Nancy, Lucy, John, Emalia. BANKS: Sylus, Soloman, Easton, Lucinda, Lydia, Rebecca. BIRD: Owen, Jane, W.H., Berrings, Henry, Everett, John, Mary, Mathis, Ludlen, Harrison. BRAZER: Archy. BRIGGS: James, Charity, William. BROWN: John, Diana, Leander, James, Peter. BRUZER: Merrett, Elzebeth, Mary. BURNETT: Jesse, Matilda, Martha, Nancy, Milton. CONNER: James, Janie, Louisa, Oscar, David, Ashberry, Mary, Alburn. CUVENTS: Henry, Lydia, Janes, Franklin, Rufus. DAY: Mary, Sarah, William, Joseph, Albert

EVANS: Peter, Lavina, Elizabeth, Lucinda. GRIFFITH: Lavina, Henry. HAITHTOCK (HAITHCOCK/HARTHTOCK): Sterling, Charlott, Charles, Elizebeth. HAMMOND: Peter, Sarah, Andrew, Esther. HAMPTON: Lott, Clara, Randolph, Elvira. HARVEY: Louis, Sally. HICKS: Andrew D, Mary. HIX: Jason, Pulley, Phoebe. IRVIN: Rhoda, James, Ambrose, Mary, Octavia, Jane, Lydia A, Matilda, Mary A. JACKSON: Clara M, Rosmand, James, Elzebeth, Sophia, Polly, Andrew, Hiram. JOHNSON: Thomas. KING: Jackson. LENNER: Adaline, Maria. MCDONALD:

W, Mary, Isaac. MENDENHALL: Willey, Mary, Clara, Epinkresey, James, William, John. MOORE: Elizebeth, Hamilton, Isaac, William H, James, John, Clarabell. MORGAN: Elizebeth, William, James. MOSS: Sami, Eliza, Silas, Margret, Emily, Rebecca, Albertine, Oscar

MOXLEY: Meshal, Martha. NEWSOM: Nathan, Doratha, Henry, Isah, Dennis. NORMAN: John H, Margett, Maria, Eva, Frank, Oliver

PAINE: Lucy, John H, Ann, Harvey, Hannah J. PEPSICA: Thomas. PERDUE: Joseph, Jane, Mary, Robert, Stephan, SAYERS: Maria, Mary, William. SCOTT: Charlott, Andrew, Sarah, Frederic, William H, Breston, Martha. STEWART: James, Hester, Samuel, Sarah J, Jeremiah

SWEET: William. TAYLOR: John, Caroline, Jane, Matilda, Zacheus, Sarah, James, Charlott. TEIG: Peter, Jane, Henry, Cresy. TURNER:

Amos, Margret, John, Joseph, Robert, Lucy, Edmond, Benjamin, Lucinda, E.M., Dewight, Henry, Emmons, Lilah, Mary. VALENTINE:

Christianna, W, WASHINGTON: George. WILSON: George, Rose. WOODLY: Violet, Wesley

Pioneering Settlers of Meigs Township, Muskingum County

BROWN: Charles M, Martha, James G, Franklin, John, Rebecca, Lucretia, William, Henrietta, Lidda. CALIMAN/CALOMEL: Moses, Ben, John, John, Rosanna, James, John, Moses, Henrietta, Rebecca, Harriet, Elizabeth, Sarah J, Nelson, Benjamin. CLIFFORD: EARLEY: GEIGH:

Oliver, Luther, Thomas. GREEN: GUY/GAY: Amos, James, Martha, William, Martha, Amos, Ann, James, Henrietta, Deborah, Elisha, Mary A, Amos, George, Allan, Nancy A, John W, Thomas J, Samuel, Charles A, Deborah A, Lloyd, Margaret, Moses, James, William, Benjamin, Elizah, Margaret E, Mary M. HANCE: Tobias, Mary, Clakson, Ann M. HARPER: HARRIS: Catharine, Nathaniel. LETT (LETH­): Aquilla, Ben, Elijah, James, Meshack, Otho, Samuel, William, Samuel, Otho, Elijah, Meshack, William, James Aquilla, Mary, Moses, Amanuel, Elijah, Elizabeth, Ithias, Hester, Emanuel, Aguira, Jackson, Margaret, Henry, Susan, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Amanda, Rebecca, Maranda, Corneilias, Washington, Johnathan, John W, Milton, Albion, Sophia, James, Margaret, Washington, John W, Samuel, Mary M. LUCAS: Charles, Rachel, Charles, Granville, Cathron, Oliver. MERCHANT: Thomas, Susan, Christine, James H, Sarah, John

PARSONS: Rebecca, Elizabeth J. POINTER: Thomas. SIMS: Gemima, Meshack, Nancy, Edward, Turner, William, Sarah E.

SIMPSON: Turner, William. STEVENS (STEPHENS): Michael, Susanna, Abraham, Isaac, Mary, Frederick, Sophia, Nancy, Joseph, Elizabeth, Michael, Aquilla. TATE (TEATE): John, Colsey, Mary, Matilda, Sarah E, Caleb, Margaret, Nancy, Catherine, Eli

1850 – Pioneering Settlers, Jackson Township, Pike County

BENTLY/BENTTY: Rachel, James A., Louisa, Mary C, Elizabeth, Bethnel, BLAIR: Lucinda, Milly, Mariah, Eliza, Scista, Henry, Phoebe, George. BLAKE: Jacob B., Lewis, July A., George C. BROWN: Christopher, Nancy J., James W., Rebecca A., Elias, Sarah J., Charles H., Hanna F., Isaac, Adaline. BYOS: Thomas, Rebecca, Joseph, Emily, Hiram, John. CANCE: Cassandia, Leucindy, Sarah A., Brunell, Marietta, Amanda, Morris. CARTER: Henry, Sarah. CLARK: William, Mary, James J., Joseph, Mary E., Mildred, Thomas, Charles. COTTON: James D.D., James N., Susan M, Panlina. CUNNINGHAM: Rebecca, Abraham, Benjamin, Elizabeth. DALBY: Bethuel, Mary, Wyley, George, Deborah A., Edwin, Rebecca, James A., John B., David A., Elizabeth. DAVIS: James, Cresy, Catharine, Martha, Coleman, Prooper, Rebecca, Joseph, Melissa, Elisabeth, Washington. ELLIS: Nathaniel, Sarah. EVANS: Washington, July A., Milton P., George A., James L., Edmund, Andrew J., Rubella J., Charles W., Asa. HALL: Anthony, Nancy, Priscilla. HARITOS: Priscilla, Robinson, William, Reuben, Julius

HARNESS: Mary, Ellison, John, George, Irena. HARRIP/HARROP: Pleasant, Mary A, Rhoda. HARRIS: Carter, Jeremiah. Arnet, Catharine, Carter, William, Nancy, Mariah, Andrew, Sarah A, Castor, Elisa J, Sanders, Margaret, Isam, James A. HENDERSON: Elizabeth, Jerimiah, Mary A, Benjamin F, Sarah C, HUNTER: Henry. JACKSON: William, Eurt, Richard, Kiziak, Isaac, Christopher, William, Thomas, Auzy, James, Rebecca, Leonisa, Rortand, Reiddock, Reichard, Andrew, Priscilla. JANES: Bedbord, Nicy, William, Amea, Rachel, Wilson

JOHNSON: Joseph, Lucy, Julius, Milly, Arthur, July A, Pertina, Patrick, George, William, Lovina, Sarah, Margaret. JONES: Jesse, Rachel, John

JULIUS: Kesiah, chatus, Margaret, Robert L, Samuel E, Emily P. LUCAS: Daniel, James, Zachariah, Mason (PP). Daniel, Delila, George, Isaac, John, Jimima, Martha, Sarah, Napoleon, B, James, Elisabeth, Philip, William T, Isaac N, Harrison G, Edward H, Daniel A, Archbald, Joseph, Jesse, Zachariah, Mary, Edward, Henry, Mason, Eliza, Mary L, Rebecca J, Amviellus, Sarah E,  Alonzo, Daniel, Delila, G. MITCHELL: Milly, Elias, Harriet, William, John, Ellis, Orlanda. NAPPER: William, Lewrany, Henry, Rebecca, Nancy, John, Clifford

PALL/PAUL: Elisabeth, Sarah. PAUPST: Seabry, Mary, Jourdon, William, Joseph, Mary J, Catharine. PETERSON: Sarah. REDMAN: Richard

Washington, Sarah, Jane, Mary, Richard, Nancy, Elisabeth. REID: Lewis, Eliza, Sarah, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Leonisa. SMITH: John

George, Mary, Samuel, Ann, Annis, Susan, Catharine, Tiphaniah, Fabera, Elisabeth, Mary, Ellen, George, Romalat, Emily, July A, Sanford, Leonia, Eletun, Leweinda, Margaret, Leander, Jellia, Delila, Annis, Alexander, Osborn, Ellen, William. VIRIS: Jacob, Margaret, James, Henry, John W, Mary M, Elisabeth. WINPAGE: Juloius, Melina, Arther, July A, Caroline, Patrick, George, William, Louisa, Sarah, Margaret

ZIMMERMAN: Augustus, Augustus L, Nancy, James A, Mary A, Larford L, Silas, Eliza J.

1850 - Pioneering Settlers of Pebble Township, Pike County

ALLEN: Robert, Hannah, Elizabeth, Nancy, John, Alexander, Carline. BARNETT: James, Sophia, Eliza, Nancy, Mary, George, William, John, Madison, Wellington, Nathaniel, Mahaly, Henry, Martha, David, James. BUPED: Francis, Louisa, Christopher. BUTTER/BUTLER: Griffin

Cary, Evelina, Martha, Thomas. COOPER: Polly, Mary, James, Michael, Eliza, Martha, Nancy, George, William, Sarah, Mary, David

FOSTER: Griffin, Guck, Eliza, Granville, Kesiah, Eliza, Mary, Grief, Susan, Martha. JULY: James, David. GORDEN: Ruth, Jeremiah, Permelia, John, William. WALKER: Alecy. HEMMINS/HEMINGS: Eston, Madison, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, Harriet, Catharine, William, James.

MORGAN: William, Emily, Jane. JACKSON: Mifflin, John, Margaret, Louisa, James, John. SPARROW: Robert, Mary, Layfaette, John, Lucinda, Anna. ROSE: Alexander, Lucy, Otty, Eliza, James, Sampson

Pioneering Settlers of Hicks Settlement, Union Township, Ross County

ADKINS: Daniel, Martha. BARNS: David, Ann, Harriet E., William T. BERCK: Thomas. BIRD: Edward, Sickey, Eliza, Mercy A., Caroline E., Lozerus, Ezckiak, David, Meley. BOON: Nancy. BOWSER: William H., Eliza, Henrietta M. BRANDOM: James A. BRUMEL: Henry, Emily, Martha, Eliza, James, Thomas, Wright, Henrietta. BUCHANON: William B. BUNCH: Zachariah, William S., Maria A., Angeline, Nancy

BURNS: Preston, Hannah, George W., Sarah A., Rebecca, James, Mary F., William O., Milton A. CLAUD: William. CLOUD: Nancy

COLEMAN: Edward, Elizabeth, Peter, Boswell, Ela A., John, William, Henry. COLLINS: William, Lucy, Moses. COX: Fleming, Robert, Allen, Albert, Frances A., Sarah F., Louisa, Richard, Judy, Richard. DAY: Ellis, Caroline, Alonzo, Harriet E., George E., Winne, John, Narcissa,

DEMPSEY: Therogo, Betsy, Martha, Willey, James. DICISON: Anthony. EVANS: Riley, Umsted, Elizabeth, Martha, Robert, Sarah, Lawson

GIBBS: Martha, Nathan, Adelaid, John, Emala. GOODING: Nelson, Elizabeth, William, Frances, Mary J. GREEN: Malinda, Francis, Barbara, Catharine. GROVES: Harriet, Samuel. HARRIS: John, Mary, James. HATHCOCK: Meredy, William, George, Eliza. HAYNES: Rachel L., John, Adaline, James H., John R., Charles, Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Hezekiah. HICKS: Rachel, Isaac C., Susan M., Julian F., Eli B., Anna M., Martha F., George C., Mary A., Tobias, Adeline, Henry, Evan R., Lucy A., Rachael A., Eli B., Anna M., Martha F., George C., Mary A., Tobias, Adeline, Henry, Isaac N., John L., George M., Jane M.. White, Amanda. HOOVER: Stephen

HUGHS: James, Julian, Mary E., James W. JACKSON: Henry, Esable, John L., Robert, Allis, Annas. JAMISON: Barbara, Baccus

JENKINS: Isaac, Betsey, Sarah, John D., Benjamin C. JOHNSON: Temple, Benjamin, Richard, Albert, Susan, Biddey, Melvina, Caroline, Mary. Elizabeth S., Howard, Polley, Thomas, William, John H. Anna M., Mary. KINNEY: Wilson. LOW: Pharobe, Jesse, Isiah, Robert, Maria, Julian. MADISON: James. MANTEN: Mitchel, Nancy, Mary, Lewis, Louisa, William, Margaret, Nancy. MINEAR: Denison, Elizabeth, Charles, Hester, Sarah, Philip. MISKEL: Isaac, Hester A., Solomon, Adelaid. MOODY: Rebecca, Martha A., Margaret, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Eliza, Nancy, Frederick, Mary, David. MOORE: Cyrus, Rachael, Deale, Tisha, Henry, Mary, Jesse, John. MUMFORD: Mary, William. NEAL: Robert, Janes, Mary, Martha, Anna, Williams, Sarah, Susan. Reuben, Elmira, Simon, Burnisha, Gurtrude. PRITCHET:

Henry, Eliza, Martha, Margaret, Hortwell, Allen, Isiah, Robert, Julia. REEDE: Ann, Lewis. REYNOLDS: Lucy, Elisha, Anthony, David, Martha, Frosty, Orlanda, Samuel, America. RICHARDSON/RITCHESON: Dolly, James, John, Fanny, William, Frances. RIVERS: John, Riler, Mary, Isaac. ROBINSON: John. ROWSER: Henry, Mary, Dallas, Martha J., Mary A., Margaret, Jane. SCOTT: Marlin, Nancy, Edwin, Lamey, Salley, Starling, Norflic, Alexander. SIMMONS: Thrasheley, Permelia, Dolley, John, James H., Mary A., Patsa, Joseph. SMITH: Elizabeth, Sabina, Solomon. STANLEY: John, Jane, Kizah, Judy. STEWART: Dolison, Rachael, Porthenia, Louisa, John. TEMPLETON: George W., Robert, Emala. TURNER: Albeson. VINEY: Joseph. VOLINTINE: Mary. WALDEN: Elizabeth, John, Levina, Mary E. WALDRON: James W., John P.

WALKER: Margaret, Ann, George, William. WHITE: Woode, Jane. WILLIAMS: Mary, Lewis, Druzilla, Harrison, Wesley, Jerome, Meranda, Bartlett. WINGO: William C., Susan A.N., George. WRIGHT: John, Mary, Francis, William

Pioneering Settlers of Houston Hollow, Clay Township, Scioto County

CHENEY: Mary A. GILMORE: Jane. SMITH: Henry, Harriet, Mary J., H.A., Sarah, Caroline, Joseph W. WILLIAMS: James, Nelson, William, Rollen, Sarah. HARRIS: Venton. ISLEY: David. HAMPTON: Henry. LOVE: Isaac, Joseph. CHAVIS/CHAVOIS: Samuel, E., James, Dillon, Henry, C., S., Isaac C. BYERS: James. FIELDS: Marion. REDMAN: David, Gerusia, John, Benjamin. GEE: John, Jane, William, Alice

MCCAULEY: Rebecca, Frances, Isaac, Catherine, Edward, Frances. LEWIS: Gerome, Jerome. ROGERS: William. LUCAS: Gemima, Daniel, Asa, Nancy, Mary. HERNES: Henry, Anna, Sharad, Robert, John, Eliza, Mary, Martha, Sarah, Charles, Abraham. WILSON: Margaret

Selected Pioneering Families of Rumley, Van Buren Township, Shelby County

BALL: A.W., Harriet, Jane, Julia A, Ersula J, Clark A, Margaret. BIZZLE: David, Amanda, Angaline. BOND: Samuel, Judy, James, Jelas, David, Nancy A, Frederic, Hager, Eliza, Alax, Aggy, Thomas, Elisabeth. BUDMAN: James, Henry J, William H. BYERS: William, Rebecca, Catharine. CLINTON: Humphrey. COLLINS: Samuel, Mary, Isaac, Lucinda, Elvira, Leander, Louisa, Sarah A, George, Lucretia, Mary M, James S, Francis M, Jacob, Phebee, Charles, John H, Rachel, Augustus, Derastus, Nancy A. COOK: William, Prusella, Richard, Rebecca, Asa, Martha, John, Augustus, Israel, A, Nelson, Hannah, Richard, Willmore, Margarett, Calvin, Kiah, Sarah, Malinda, James.  DAVIS:  Siphax, Hannah, Letsy, Eliza, Aggy, Mariah, Stephen, Henry, John, David, Rebecca, William, Edward. FORRER (FARROW):

John, Mary A, Lemuel, Thomas, Caroline, Sarah, M. Lavina, Cynthia. GALLOWAY: Henry, Sarah, Celia, Isaac, George H, Ellen.

GOINGS (GAINGS): Joel, Elizabeth Cole, D.C., Rebecca Fox, Joseph, Wesley, Lavenia, Isabella, Balaam, Craig, Charles, Julia, Louella, George, Williams, N.A.E., A, Edward. HAWKINS: Samuel N, Hannibal G. HILL: James, Luby, Thomas, Joepson, Margarett, Mary A, Fanny, Lucy, Stephen, John, Peter, Melly, Pater. JACKSON: Edward, Nancy, John, Sarah, Caroline. JONES: John W, Sarah S. LETT:

Solomon, Henryett, Thomas, William, James, Samuel, Catharine, Clarkson, Andrew, Margaret A, Andwell, William J. LUCAS: 

Zachariah, Virginia, James, Catharine, Elisabeth, Nancy, Mary, Susan, J.H, Frances, Josephine. MASON: Mary A, Edward, Levi

MOSS: Francis, Catharine, Thomas, Mary A, Tacy A, Malissa G. NEWMAN: Lucy, James, James F, Theopostus, Russell. PETERSON:

Henry. READ: David, Henryetta, John W., Malinly A, Emily, James F, Litty, Rebecca J. REDMAN: Moses // Rebecca, Rachael, William H, Henry J. REYNOLDS: Blake,  Renetta, George, Sarah. ROBERTSON: John , Diana, Harriet, James, Caroline, Elvira, Sally A, Eliza, John Nellson. SPRAY: Elias. STODGEN: Cynthia M, Enoch, Samuel, John, Isabella. STUART: William, Sarah, Margaret, Emelyn F, Elvina M, Marvill D, Eliza J, William H, Hezekiah, Mauda M, Daniel. SWEENEY: Susan, L.D., Leander, Mary J, Joseph, Lauretta

WILLIAMS: John, Charles, Luella Goings // Washington, Mary, Daniel, David, Mary

Selected Pioneering Families of Dinsmore Township, Shelby County

HURST: Elizabeth, Moses, S. MOSS: John, Hettie, Drew, Lutersey, Josephine. REDMAN: Matilda. SWIFT: Bib, John, Chancy, Josiah, Moses, Charles

East Wren Cemetery, Willshire Township, Van Wert County

BROWN: James Worthington, CROWDER: John. GALLOWAY: Angie  (“Annie”) Norah Pettiford, Daisy Maueroise. GREEN: Charlotte Temple Evans, John. HARAWAY: James, Mary (“Polly”). HARDMON: Gertrude Ann Nelson,  Grace A., James Henry, Kish Purmont

HICKS: Viola Anne Young. HIGHWARDEN: Alice. JONES: Chester M. LEWIS: Wallace. MITCHELL: Mamie Elizabeth White, Nathaniel Miles. NUKES: Jane Patterson Young, John Pernell, Ruth. RASOR: Thomas. SIMMONS: Harley Ray. STEWART: Sarah F. (“Sadie”) Young

TATE: Girard M., Joseph W., Mary Ann Goings. TAYLOR: William M. UNDERWOOD: Carl, Elisha B., Jennie, Jessie C., Polly Anne Worthington Green, Sarah Ellen (“Ella”), William. UPTHEGROVE: Callie Brown, Charles O. (“Charlie”), Ida J., Joseph. WHITE: John David, Nancy Jane Young, William G. WILLIAMS: Arta Bell (“Artie”), Bill, Clara Ann, George, Jemima Patterson, Reuben. WORTHINGTON: Kermit Emil. YOUNG: Amanda Jane Brown, Benjamin Franklin, Caroline E. Upthegrove. Charles Walker (“Charlie”), Chesley Donald, Dayton Clarence (“Skip”), Eliza Jane Taylor, Gaylord, Hilda Dorothy, Howard D., James A., James Burtran, Jane, Joseph Fremone (“Joe”), Mary A. Crowder, Nathaniel Sumner (“Sump”), Nellie Holmes, Robert Sylvester, Sarah Francis Lewis

Pioneering Families of East Wren, Van Wert County

BROWN: James Worthingon, Charlotte, John E, Elizabeth, Cynthia. EVANS: Jordan, Elizabeth, Nancy, James H., Charlotte, John, Francis M, Amanda. GOINGS: Mary Ann. HARGO: Aaron, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Harriet, Ellen, Nancy, Jeremiah. HARRIS: Elisha, Emma, Noah, Hannich J, Martha E, Joseph, Jackson J. HENDERSON: W.H.. Martha, William, Mary E., Hannah A, Anthea, John H, Andrew F, Eli F, George A, Elizabeth, Tabitha A, Sarah E. LANCASTER: David, Sarah, Elizabeth A., David, Lucinda, Charles. LETT: Sarah. LEWIS: Letty, Zeul, Gad, Artenta, Tarphenus, Nancy, Ansseonia, Armarea, Franklin, Walter. MITCHELL: James, Frances, Manserra, Nathaniel. NOWRY (YOUNG): George, Eliza, Sarah A. PETTIFORD: Collins, Jane, David, Willie, Hapsy A, Rebecca J, Mariah, Sandy. SEWELL: Lucina, Anna, George, Mary A. TATE: Jerrard, Mary A, Elizabeth, William H, Sarah C, Martha A, James M, John W. TAYLOR: Henry, Arty, William H, John W, Mary E, Eliza J., James A, Louisa, Nancy, Maria J. WHITE: William, Nancy, Chelsey D, Luke W, Grafton H, Mary E. YOUNG:

Daphney J, Chelsea, James A., Nancy, Sarah F., Delilah A., Charles D, Mary A, Harriet S, Jane P, George H, Eliza J, Sarah A, Robert S, Parthenia, Merica E, George C, John W, Ida A, Albert, Deborah. HARDESTY: George. LANCASTER:

Charles, Sarah, Elizabeth A, David, Lucinda

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