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David Meyers has written a number of works for the stage, including plays and full length musicals.
David Meyers has written a handful of works for the stage, including two that have been published. Both are musicals co-created with his friend, Scott Michal, a talented composer. Production rights are available to theater groups through Dramatic Publishing. 

The Last Oz Story [musical comedy/drama]

Forget the happy ending. There's a new witch in town—Peloros, the witchiest witch of them all—and since she arrived, things have gone completely haywire in Oz. The Munchkins, Winkies, Quadlings and other Oz folk are running around the Emerald City like they've totally lost their reason. And the Scarecrow with his great brain, the Tin Woodman with his big heart and the Lion with his enormous courage are powerless to stop it. In fact, they're part of the problem. What's to be done? There's only one person whom even the wickedest witches fear and that's Dorothy Gale. But no one, not even Glinda, knows where she is. She just hopes that Dorothy hasn't forgotten that Oz needs her, too. With time running out, Dorothy must find a way to help her friends before it's too late. But how? She lost one of her magic slippers in the tornado, and she needs both if she is ever to get back to Oz and save the day. Will anyone believe her? Should they? Could this really be the last Oz story? This original sequel to the L. Frank Baum novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a funny and moving tale of friendship and redemption told through lovable characters, witty dialog and unforgettable songs. And in the end, you will know the answer to the age-old question: What a girl won't do . . . for a pair of shoes! 

The Last Christmas Carol [musical comedy/drama]

The holidays are here again! But is that any reason for another production of A Christmas Carol? Brodwyn Branson, the Scrooge-like director of a local children's theatre, certainly doesn't think so. But without the green it brings in, his little drama company would be in the red! Still, Branson can barely conceal his contempt for the whole affair. But just as Branson's humbug-ish attitude is beginning to rub off on his young actors and threatens to ruin the show, he is visited by a series of Christmas spirits, including his former agent, an acid-tongued drama critic, and an Elvis impersonator whose specialty is smelling like The King. Subjected to an eye-opening tour of his own life, Branson comes to understand that the message of the classic Dickens' tale is every bit as relevant today as it ever was. And, miraculously, the kids pull the show together in the nick of time. A witty script, delightful characters and unforgettable songs make The Last Christmas Carol the perfect show to put any Scrooge in the holiday spirit! 

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