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David has written novels--both histories and fantasies--as wells as musicals, and other works for the stage. 

The Last Christmas Carol [novel]

Based on the popular stage production, The Last Christmas Carol turns the classic Dickens tale on its ear. Half Kiss Me, Kate and half Bad News Bears, this modern take on the beloved story of Ebenezer Scrooge features all your favorite characters including the irrepressible Tiny Tim, an aromatic Elvis Impersonator, and a special guest appearance by the Donner Party Singers. (You remember them, don’t you?) Praised for having more heart than about any other Christmas tale you can think of. Note: theatrical production rights are available from Dramatic Publishing. (175 pages, 7 illustrations)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Condominium Association, Inc. [novel]

With his marriage and his business on the rocks, Tom Walker moves from Boston to Tarrytown, New York, to take up residence in a condominium left to him by a relative he never knew. A Victorian era eyesore that “went condo” in the ‘eighties, the house, it seems, has a storied past. Blissfully unaware that his unit is already occupied, Tom carries his stuff, such as it is, into the condo. In fact, he just keeps missing the other occupant, who wakes, eats, shaves, and cuts his hair before setting out with a jacket and his bowling ball. Oh, and his name is Rip (it’s stitched over the pocket of his bowling shirt). Tom is greeted by his new neighbor, an incorrigibly nosey young woman named Katrina “Kat” Van Tassel. She lives across the hall with her musically challenged boyfriend, Brom Bones. Kat quickly fills Tom in on the other residents, including the crotchety Marie Heyliger-Vander Heyden, her socially awkward 19-year old “niece,” Judith, and the shadowy Nick Scratch (“I think he’s a serial killer”). Before she leaves, Kat persuades Tom to allow her to throw a “Welcome-Tommy-To-Sleepy-Hollow-Condos” Party. At his place, of course. And that's when all hell breaks loose. Literally. (146 pages, 29 illustrations)

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Hello, I Must Be Going: The Mostly True Story of an Imaginary Band [novel]



The year was 1970 and Zack Black & the Blues Attack was poised to be the hottest band in America. Radio loved them, demand for their record exceeded supply, and everywhere they played seats were sold-out. But when stardom seemed within their grasp, they let it slip away. Will Black thought that chapter of his life was closed forever. He had not been in touch with his former bandmates since he moved to New York some forty years ago. But now a mysterious woman has approached him with an unusual request: will he help her carry out her husband’s dying wish?


Incredibly, Will finds himself tasked with putting the Blues Attack back together to prove to the world, and themselves, that they still have what it takes. But to do so means that the one-time friends will have to confront the secrets and lies that had contributed to their demise. Given a second chance, will they make the same mistakes?

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