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Hello, I Must Be Going: The Mostly True Story of an Imaginary Band [novel]



The year was 1970 and Zack Black & the Blues Attack was poised to be the hottest band in America. Radio loved them, demand for their record exceeded supply, and everywhere they played seats were sold-out. But when stardom seemed within their grasp, they let it slip away. Will Black thought that chapter of his life was closed forever. He had not been in touch with his former bandmates since he moved to New York some forty years ago. But now a mysterious woman has approached him with an unusual request: will he help her carry out her husband’s dying wish?


Incredibly, Will finds himself tasked with putting the Blues Attack back together to prove to the world, and themselves, that they still have what it takes. But to do so means that the one-time friends will have to confront the secrets and lies that had contributed to their demise. Given a second chance, will they make the same mistakes? (Black Opal)

This is a work of historical fiction. Although the plot is entirely fictitious, all of the following bands and musicians are portrayed truthfully in the story, based on hundreds of interviews.

Abbott, Martha

Alfred, Chuz       

Alwood, Bob

Bartlett, Bill

Behm, Kenny

Bendler, Bill

Blackfoot, J.D.

Bradburn, Rich

Brown, Joel

Browne, Ivan

B&W Commonwealth

Bryant, Rusty

Cataline, Glen

Carroll, Billy

Cars, The

Chatfield, Mark



Clapton, Eric

Corwin, Tim

Cotton, Gene

Cummins, Jeanne

Dailey, Chuck

Daniels, Joe


Day, David

Ebb Tides


Edmonds, Shepard N.

Ball of Confusion front mockup - SMAll.jpg


Fifth Order

Four O’Clock Balloon

Francis, Dean


Georgia Crackers



Howard, Arnett

Hughes, Bob

Hughes Blues

Jeany, Pat

Johnson, Susan

Kirk, Rahsasan Roland

Lapse of Tyme

Lemon Pipers

Lenker, Ted

Longmire, Wilbert

Mackey, Dick

Marr, Hank

Maxted, Billy

McIntosh, Ladd

Mobley, George

Molland, Joey

Nichols (Ginnetti), Joey

Ocasek, Ric

Ochs, Phil

Ohio Express

Orr (Orzechowski), Ben

OSU Jazz Workshop

Pierce, Frank

Powers, Joey

Powers, Dale

Rasor, Jerry


Robinson, Teddy

Ryerson, Art

Schwab, John

Selby, Chuck

Sender, Jack C.


Sir Timothy & the Royals

Smith, Sterling


Tatum, Art


Tonight Only

Ulrich, John


Walker, Gene

Walmsley, Steve

Walsh, Joe

Wiester, Vaughn

Williams, Tommy

Wilson, Chuck

Wilson, Mickey

Workman, Dave

Ball of Confusion: The Somewhat True Story of an Imaginary Bass Player [novel]



TRY TELLING THAT TO WES KENNEDY, former bass player for Zack Black & the Blues Attack. Washed up at twenty-two, he found himself back in his hometown, wondering what became of his fifteen minutes of fame. For a few dizzying weeks, he had been a member of the hottest band in America. Now, they barely qualified as the answer to a question on Trivia Night at the Airport Lounge.

But while Wes and his bandmates were reaching for the brass ring, their friends weren’t exactly standing still. And suddenly Wes felt like everybody he knew had it together except for him. Maybe the answer was the reinvent himself. And what better way for a middle class white kid to do that than to play black music. So move over James Brown, step aside Isaac Hayes, and make way Marvin Gaye, THERE’S A NEW SOUL BROTHER ON THE SCENE!

These are the real musicians and groups who are part of the story:
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